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About The Film
How does a fallen man get back up?

Tony ‘TEMPT’ Quan is a legendary LA graffiti artist, social activist and publisher. In 2003, he was diagnosed with ALS (also called Lou Gherig’s Disease), a degenerative nerve disorder which has rendered him unable to move, breathe or speak…

But his mind and creative spirit are still intact.

In 2009, Mick Ebeling and his Not Impossible Foundation brought a motley crew of international hackers and artists to Los Angeles to attempt the impossible: invent a low-cost, open source DIY device that allows Tempt to once again create art, using the only part of his body that still moves, his eyes. After months of harrowing trial and error, The EYEWRITER was born and Tempt was once again able to create art. Getting Up: The Tempt One Story beautifully illustrates that through the will of two men, and on the shoulders of a community, anything is possible.

Watch the trailer below and follow the prompt to get the full film.  Instead of a fixed price, choose what YOU want to pay. 30% of your donation amount will go directly to the Not Impossible Foundation, to continue to help make “Impossible” ideas possible.


The Filmmakers

Caskey Ebeling – Director

Caskey Ebeling is a director whose avant-garde vision draws inspiration from the beauty found in the bizarre and distorted details of ordinary life. With roots in advertising, content development and design, Caskey has combined her solid vision with a unique creative approach to tell stories across multiple distribution channels. Caskey’s first short film, THE PACKAGE, was a visual foray into the vulnerable world of an odd deliveryman’s quest for love. The world premiere of The Package was held in Park City Utah’s 2007 Slamdance Film Festival. Her recent projects include a short film commissioned by USA Network and RSAFilms’ “USA Character Project” MONSTER SLAYER, starring Timm Sharp and Lecy Goranson which aired on the USA Network. GETTING UP: THE TEMPT ONE STORY is her first feature documentary.

Giving a voice to these underrepresented humans will surely enrich our community as a whole.  This is the immeasurable magic that storytelling brings to the world and that keeps me engaged.

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Mick Ebeling – Executive Producer


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Whether it’s surfing a wave, launching an award-winning production company, or continuing the altruistic traditions of his family – Mick Ebeling recognizes the importance of social responsibility, tackles the so-called impossible, and makes it possible.  That is why he founded the emerging non-profit organization the Not Impossible Foundation (NIF). Mick’s career began in the production and animation industry with one of the first ever Mac-based design companies. Five years later, Mick launched his own commercial film, design and animation production company, After befriending ALS patient and renown street artist named Tempt, Mick embarked on one of the most rewarding chapters of his career with the creation of the EyeWriter- a practical, low-cost solution that allows people suffering from neuromuscular diseases and paralysis to be able to again draw and communicate using only their eyes.   With the success of the EyeWriter, Mick launched the Not Impossible Foundation, an organization comprised of thinkers, dreamers, and doers, with a mission to take ideas that once seemed impossible to possible, when the right people are connected and empowered. Since its creation, the EyeWriter has achieved noteworthy press and appearances including Time Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions of 2010 as well as being honored at Advertising Age and Creativity’s 2010 The Idea Conference. Mick continues his creative achievements with The Ebeling Group as well as spreading the word about the EyeWriter and message of the Not Impossible Foundation; all the while raising the very important question:

If not now, then when?  If not me, then who?



The Not Impossible Foundation

The Not Impossible Foundation began out of the experience of creating the EyeWriter and seeing first hand that solutions to problems that were once “impossible” are very much “not impossible” when the right people are connected and empowered.The Not Impossible Foundation continues to develop the Eyewriter, the Brainwriter and to make donation to the Tempt One ALS Foundation for the upgraded care of Tempt One.

The ALS Association – Golden West Chapter
The ALS Association is leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.
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Awards and Press

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